Collection: Hand-carved utensils

Welcome to our new Collection, a tribute to the masterful craftsmanship of our friend and hand-carver, Gabe. Each piece in this collection is a testament to Gabe's unparalleled skill and unwavering dedication to his craft. Every utensil bears the hallmark of Gabe's artistry and passion. With unparalleled quality and unmatched beauty, these utensils are a true reflection of the love and care that went into their creation.

Here's a little message from the artist, Gabe:

Thank you for taking the time to come learn a little about me and my little whittle business!

My name is Gabe and I am from a city called Grande Prairie up in northern Alberta, Canada. I am an indigenous hand carver/burner, I mostly deal with kitchenware but I do signs and stuff too! I got into whittling about a year ago to distract myself from mental and physical pain from the multiple diagnosis' on my spine. After I became unemployed from trucking, it became my passion and now my full time job! I've only been selling for about 8 months but I've now sold all across the world. My first order out of country was for a quarter finalist Chef from MasterChef UK!!!

Everything is 100% hand carved with knives, hand burned, and finished with a high end food safe oil from Livos Canada that leaves a scratch/water/stain resistant coating so it will last many years. It will not scratch your pots and pans and holds heat nicely so it won't burn your fingers. Carved with an ergonomic handle to manage the thickest of recipes. I can also woodburn your family name for a long lasting heirloom or even your company logo!! I put love and good energy into every single one of my products.

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